Three of our granddaughters at Dickson Ranch are working together to provide horseback riding lessons to all experience levels and disciplines.

All three ladies, Leah Oberfelder, Gracie Hernandez and Jenna Oberfelder, have been riding since they could hold their heads up.  They grew up on this ranch riding and working with the horses. 

Leah and Gracie provide lessons to beginner to advanced riders of ALL ages.

Jenna provides lessons to beginner riders - including young children.

Please call Dickson Ranch at 415-488-0454 for more information.

Jenna Oberfelder

(415) 488-0454

(left to right): Joanie Brady, Jerry Richardson and Lisa Capaldini at on of our Dressage Shows here at Dickson Ranch.

Steven Pleasant with

Pleasant Riding

Steven Pleasant showed at Dickson Ranch shows as a teenager. In the past, Steven has worked as an assistant to Kara Clark and has worked at other stables. He is skilled in English and Western riding and has now started his own teaching program here at Dickson Ranch.

Steven has been a wonderful asset and supporter to our ranch with his energetic personality and enthusiasm.

Steven may be reached at: 415-459-3615



Blossom Hill

Gracie Hernandez

(415) 342-7097

Leah Oberfelder

(415) 272-4110

Over The Field


Dickson Ranch

Lesson Info. & Trainers

Jerry Richardson

Jerry Richardson has joined the Dickson Ranch team of trainers.  He is a part-time dressage trainer at our ranch.  He has judged Dickson Ranch dressage shows for many years and we are welcoming him with open arms.

You may contact Jerry for more information regarding lessons at:


Sorcha has been riding here at the Dickson Ranch on and off since she was a little girl riding in the summer camps and coming after school for lessons. She has had a lot of experience at other top rated show barns and competed at higher levels.

Sorcha is now giving lessons here at Dickson Ranch to all ages - beginners to experienced riders.

Inquire about lessons by calling

Sorcha (cell): 415-342-6793